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Leepa Valley

The Leepa Valley is in Azad Kashmir, the Pakistan-administered part of Kashmir. It is located 105 kilometres (65 mi) from Muzaffarabad. A fair-weather road branches off to Leepa from Naile 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, climbs over Reshian Gali (3200 meters above sea level) and then descends to 1677 meters on the other side into the Leepa Valley. The Leepa Valley is considered scenic by tourists. It has high mountains covered with pine trees. Throughout the winter season the Leepa valley is covered with snow. From May to November, people from all over Pakistan come to visit. Buses run daily between Muzaffarabad and Reshian. From Reshian the remaining 38 kilometres (24 mi) journey can be covered only by jeep. The charming Leepa Valley consists of many villages; the most famous among them are Leepa, Reshian, Dao Khan, and Chananian. All these villages equally contribute to a wonderful mosaic of patterns Mother Nature has so ornately and intricately woven here in this part of Azad Kashmir. The valley has many hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy Pakistani cuisine with the specialty being Kashmiri food. The closest airport to Leepa Valley is Muzaffarabad Airport. You can take a car/bus ride on a metaled road that branches off for Leepa from Naily, 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.


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