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Sharan Forest

Sharan is a beautiful, untouched forest reserve in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is dense with heavy vegetation. It is for now mostly non-commercial, hence very clean with less influx of tourists. The forest is adjacent to Manshi Top, which again is a lush green plateau. You can expect to find rich flora and fauna, dense mossy formations, mushrooms, wild fruits on trees and water streams. The locals are friendly, there is a camp site inside the forest with small huts owned by forest and tourism departments. A jeep road leads to Sharan from Paras (on Kaghan Road). It is about 16 km away from the town of Paras. Sharan is a beautiful place in middle of Manshi forest. There's a youth hostel and forest rest house. When you are going to Naran from Balakot. As soon as you reach the town of Paras, there's a jeep road going on left side which leads to Sharan. When you catch that road, first you will have to cross the river kunhar over a bridge and then continue to go ahead on the road.


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