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Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is a scenic wonderland. Kaghan is a jewel among themany beautiful valleys in the Mansehra District of Hazara in the North West Frontier Province (Khyber Pakhtoon Khuah) of Pakistan. The valley extends 160 km, rising from an elevation of 2,134 feet (650 m) to its highest point, the Babusar Pass, at 13,690 feet (4,170 m). Kaghan valley is named after the town of Kaghan rather than for the Kunhar River which flows through the length of the valley.

This valley has most popular summer holiday spots for both Pakistanis as well as foreigners. If you love hiking, trekking or fishing, then Kaghan Valley is like heaven. The popular languages spoken in the valley are Hindko and Gojri while the national language Urdu is also widely understood. Kaghan valley is situated at an approximate distance of 250 kilometers from the capital, Islamabad. The road that leads to the valley passes through different towns and cities, notably Taxila, Abbotabad, Mansehra and Balakot.  The last city/town that comes before the start of Kaghan valley is Balakot.




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